Jade Charon's Biography


Jade Charon is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, filmmaker, and international dance educator, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin living in Brooklyn. Charon received an MFA in Dance from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a BA in Dance and Theater from Columbia College Chicago. Charon was awarded the 2020 Hicks Choreographer Fellowship from the School of Jacob's Pillow where she received mentorship from Dianne McIntyre and Risa Steinberg. In 2018, Charon was selected as the Chuck Davis Emerging Choreographer Fellow from BAM(Brooklyn Academy of Music) . She is an Assistant Professor of Dance and Technology at Medgar Evers College. As a filmmaker, her films have been accepted in festivals and conferences such as Montreal Independent Film Festival, Mke Film Festival, Toronto International Women’s Film Festival, American Dance Festival Movie By Movers, and The Outland Dance Project Dance Film Festival. She was awarded the jury select Cream City Award from Mke film festival and the semi-finalist for Best Experimental Film for Montreal Independent Film Festival.

Charon aims to use her art as a ministry to uplift her community and was selected to give a Ted Talk on using dance as a ministry for TedxUCLA. In 2013, Charon was selected to pioneer and design a dance program for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee through a national research study with The Wallace Foundation. This experience sprouted Charon into starting her own non-profit company, By Jade Charon Company. By Jade Charon has birthed films, arts curriculums, community outreach initiatives, and arts festivals, fusing art, education, mentorship, and social justice globally. Charon is also the founder 30:11 by Jade Charon LLC,  a leotard and activewear line, designed to support all body types with the hopes of eliminating body shaming.


Fellowships,Grants, & Awards 

2021             Nominated Best In Film In The Art Film Category At The Charlotte Black Film Festival

2021             Selected As An Artist in Resident Through Gallim Moving Women Residency Initiative 

2021             Cream City Jury Award MKE Film Festival 

2020             Montreal Independent Film Festival Semi-Finalist for Best Experimental Film

2020             Anne Weston & Hicks Choreographer Fellow at The School of Jacob’s Pillow 

2020             UNCSA  Semi-Finalist  Choreographic Residency Choreographer 

2019             Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs: Western Arts Alliance Scholarship Recipient 

2018               BAM : Chuck Davis Emerging Choreographer Fellowship 

2018               Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs: International   Association of Blacks in Dance Scholarship 

2017-2018     Dean’s General Scholarship Award, UCLA 

2016-2018    University Fellowship , UCLA 

2016-2017    Jean Irwin Scholarship, UCLA 

2017-2017    Registration Fee Grant, UCLA 

2015-2016    Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, UCLA 

2007-2011    Opportunity Academic Scholarship, Columbia College Chicago 

2007    NAACP AWARD/Scholarship

2007    Milwaukee Talented Teens Awards





Premiered (2020) Dr. Iola Thompson’s Arts Alive Virtual Concert 


Premiered(2020) Montreal Independent Film Festival

“Champion Style”

Premiered (2020) MKE Film Festival 

“Wild Woman Comes Back”

The School at Jacob’s Pillow Fellowship Showing 

“Fredrick’s Dream”

Installation Performance 

“Legacy “

*Selected* Baja American College Dance Festival Gala Performance at Carpenter Performing Arts Center 


Premiered(2020) at Burnight Center Theater


Musical opened at Pacifica Christian High School



Blaktinx Festival at Bootleg Theater


Premiered (2019) Brooklyn Academy of Music Fisherman Theater

“What have you done?”

Premiered (2019) at Pitman Theater 

“ Trapped Consciousness”

Premiered (2019) at Cypress College Theater

“ Forget What You’ve Done”

Premiered( 2019) at Pitman Theater


“Restore Dance Festival”

Premiered (2018) at Highways Performance Space


 TedxUCLA Royce Hall, Los Angeles, CA 2018


Premiered ( 2018) Kaufman Theater


“Changed “

Premiered (2017) Destiny House Theater


Premiered (2017)  at Highways Theater Performance Space    


Premiered(2017) at UCLA Kaufman Theater. Two-part performance that included “#iLovemyself  Film”.


Premiered(2017) at Pitman Theater


“Tired of Running”

Premiered (2016) at  Destiny House Theater. Pitman Theater ( 2017)

“Child’s Play”

Premiered(2016)  at UCLA Kaufman Theater

“My World Needs You”

Premiered (2016) at Pitman Theater


“Better ”

Premiered (2015) at Destiny House Theater   

“Our Lives Matter “

Premiered(2015) at  Bayview Auditorium. This work collaborated with band Boswell & Friends


“He Turned It”

Premiered (2014) at Washington Auditorium. Destiny House Theater (2015). 

Bayview Auditorium (2015) Bronzeville Festival (2015)


Premiered (2014) at The Pfister Hotel Banquet Hall


Premiered (2014) at Nicolet  High School Theater


“Bitter Earth”

Premiered (2013) at Destiny  House Theater.

“Give Us a Heart”

Premiered (2013)  at UWM Peck Pavilion

“Motherless Child”

Premiered(2013) at Pitman Theater


"Son of Man"

Premiered (2012) at Pitman Theater


Premiered (2012) at Pitman Theater


"Called, Set A Part"

Premiered (2011) at Columbia College Chicago Theater 

"Lost in a World"

Permiered (2011) at Destiny House Theater



Premiered (2010) at Colombia College Chicago Dance Center



Premiered (2009) at Columbia College Dance Center


"Imagine Me"

Premiered (2007) at Pitman Theater    


Film, Film Festivals, & Television 


“Gold”- Jade Charon, Director &Choreographer 

 Official selection for the Manhattan Film Festival  Manhattan, NY

“Gold”- Jade Charon, Director &Choreographer 

 Official selection for the Mke Film Festival  Milwaukee, WI

“Gold”- Jade Charon, Director &Choreographer 

Official selection for the Charlotte Black Film Festival Charlotte, NC 

“Gold”- Jade Charon, Director & Choreographer

Official Selection for Create Art Performance Dance Film Night 

“Gold”- Jade Charon, Director &Choreographer 

Official Selection for the Toronto International Women’s Festival Monthly Edition


“Gold”- Jade Charon, Director &Choreographer 

Premiered in 2020, Milwaukee, WI 

“Champion Style” - Jade Charon Director & Choreographer 

Premiered 2020, British Virgin Islands 

“Be Outside”- Jade Charon,  Director 

Premiered 2020, Carson, California 

“Duel” - Jade Charon Director & Choreographer 

Screened at Fellows of Contemporary Arts Museum 


“Trilogy”- Jade Charon, Director & Choreographer 

Women in Dance Conference Film Screening,  Drexel University 


“A Silent Story”- Darrell Robinson, Director 

Milwaukee PBS Television, 2018 

“Recharge ” Jade Charon, Director & Choreographer 

      The Outlet Project Dance Film Festival, 2018 

“Recharge” Jade Charon, Director & Choreographer 

American Dance Festival: Movies by Movers, 2018 


“Reverse” Jade Charon, Director Choreographer 

      The Outlet Project Dance Film Festival, 2017 

“ Street Dance Activism” Shamell Bell, Director 

Dancer,  The Los Angeles Times Documentary,  2017 


 “ Reverse” Jade Charon, Director & Choreographer 

 The New Times Live Feed,  December 2016

Conferences,Lectures, & Public Presentations 

2020  Film Presenter: Take Me Home Event: Post-screening discussion about the identification with blackness, the body, and spirituality led by curator Jasmine McNeal. Fellows of Contemporary Art Los Angeles,  March 

2019 Film Presenter: Restore Film, Women in Dance Leadership Conference, University of Drexel, October 

2020  Film Presenter: Take Me Home Event: Post-screening discussion about the identification with blackness, the body, and spirituality led by curator Jasmine McNeal., Fellows of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, March 

2019  Panelist: Art & Entrepreneurship Panel, University of California, Los Angeles, April 

2019  Panelist: Schoolin’ Life: Black graduate  students navigating public white institutions, International Association of Blacks in Dance, January 

2018  Guest Lecturer: Histories, Healing, and Movements, University of California, San Marcos , October 

2018    Speaker and Performer: Dance As Ministry : From Compton to UCLA,  Ted Talks ex UCLA , April 

2017     Keynote Speaker: Take A Stand , Milwaukee College Preparatory School, November 

2017    Guest Lecturer: Multicultural Psychology , Dr. Thema Bryant (Instructor ), Pepperdine University, November 

2017    Guest Artist Presenter: Why I Choreograph , University Neighborhood High School , October 

2017    Lead Panelist : Eliminating Body-Shaming in Western Dance ,  30:11 Launch & Networking event, Signature Dance Company, April 

2017    Keynote Speaker: Surveying Our Bodies and Finding Our Truths, Royals Inc , April 

2016    Presenter: Creating High Quality Dance Programs in Non- Specific Youth Organizations, Signature Dance Company, December 

2015    Presenter : Wake Up, Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Conference, May 

 2015    Presenter: Securing Community Partnerships, Engaging Parents & Community Stakeholders, and Youth Retention, Wallace Foundation , March 

2014  Presenter: Dance Culminations in Free Public Spaces, Wallace Foundation and Boys &Girls Clubs of America Headquarter, August

Artist Statement

I fuse my upbringing  in Black Christian Church and Hip Hop culture, to create work rooted in ministry and activism by way of live dance performance and film. How can I make a change in the world with the tools that I have? As a choreographer and filmmaker, I am interested in the process of creating culturally relevant work that brings awareness to the human conditions across the world through my Black, female lens. My interdisciplinary process of creating site-specific dance films and pairing it with live dance performance provides accessibility and inclusion to underrepresented communities in performance spaces. 

My work is meant to be a catalyst for social change and be self-valuing to my community. By using movement vocabulary that merges African American Social Dances, Ballet, Modern, and West African dance, with an internal emphasis on Spirituality in performance, my works often provides opportunities of reflection and education for the  participating performers and  audiences while taking them on spiritual journey. My company and I aim to create work that inspires viewers and audiences to do something for their own community—a call-to-action. We facilitate dialogues amongst audiences, provide youth initiatives, community workshops, develop community arts curriculums,  and artist opportunities for  women of color emerging  choreographers through our Restore Arts Festival. 

Real change comes from real people.