ways To Give

The world will have us believe that we don’t have choices that we are trapped by our circumstance, but that is not the case. Over the years, I have learned this. I learned that my vision and my body are valuable, vital elements to the canvas of the art world, to the rhythms of the dance world.  

Your voice is needed too.  

Support an organization that will train people on helping others find their voice. We are an organization that will work with girls during their formative years to walk in the truth that their voice matters, and provide a space for women of color to share and heal through their art.  

Below are suggested ways to contribute to the success of BYJadeCHARON and 30:11BYJadeCHARON:     

∞ Support a GEM: $50            ∞ Donate to programming: $125     

∞ Grow product and apparel: $300        ∞ Invest in the vision: $1000 

Donations can be made via paypal at




or email me at byJadeCharon@gmail.com to make other arrangements. Thank you in advance for your consideration in giving to our work.  

In power, 

Jade Charon 

      & the team of 30:11BYJadeCHARON  

                and BY JadeCHARON the ORG