Restore Arts Festival 2022

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My company and I aim to create work that inspires viewers and audiences to do something for their own community—a call-to-action. We facilitate dialogues amongst audiences, provide youth initiatives, community workshops, develop community arts curriculums, and artist opportunities for women of color emerging choreographers through our Restore Arts Festival. ” - Jade Charon

Restore Arts Festival

After founder jade charon was awarded the chuck davis emerging choreographer fellowship from Brooklyn academy of music( bam) in 2018, she was inspired to research healing spaces for black women through dance and cinema. acknowledging the lack of black female professors in her academic experience, she wanted to curate an intimate performance space that could birth connections  between seasoned and emerging women of color choreographers to provide support.


Restore Arts Festival was designed to create a space for women of color artists to showcase their artistic projects.This interdisciplinary program of dance and film, specifically invites women of color choreographers and dance filmmakers to submit proposals of original works and dance films rooted in activism,  ministry, and social justice. By Jade Charon provides artistic development support by inviting a panel of professional choreographers to provide feedback and mentorship to choreographers post showcase to push artists' work forward, photography, and video documentation of performance.  Each performance culminates with a talk back and facilitated conversation between choreographers and audiences to create strategies of art and healing in the communities.


quotes from past participants of restore arts festival

Restore Dance Festival moved me to my core. It inspired me to continue creating from a genuine place with purpose. Never have I attended an event with so many inspirational women of color who dance! You can feel the warmth, love, encouragement and support which is so desperately needed in our community. To see this and experience the embodiment of this firsthand was a life changing experience. I look forward to many more Restore Dance Festivals to come! ” - Vee Adams, Restore Festival Mke 17' and 18'
"Last September I was invited to participate in Restore Dance Festival LA as both a dancer and a choreographer. I jumped at the opportunity as I believe the work Jade is doing—providing artists of color a platform to present their work and hone their voice—is truly invaluable. It was a powerful experience as a Black woman dancer living in Los Angeles, to participate in an event where all of the individuals—each of the choreographers, community participants, panelists who provided feedback, the moderator who facilitated the Q & A—were Black women/artists. Jade didn't know, until a few days prior to the show, the nature of the work we were presenting. To me this meant that she really trusted us. It also meant that there was no censorship, which is very important to me. It was really affirming that our Los Angeles dance community and families showed up to bear witness to the work we'd each created. After the show, Jade paired each choreographer with professionals in the field to provide feedback on the work we presented. This was an important step of the process for me as I'd created a piece specifically to be shown at this festival. I have since built a [stronger] relationship/connection with the woman who provided my feedback. I don't think this is a coincidence; I believe that Jade gave thoughtful consideration while connecting us artists. All in all, my experience as a participant in Restore Dance Festival LA was nothing short of incredible. "” - Tulani Weaks, Restore Arts Festival LA, 2018

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