Gold CHildren's Book


Made Just for You

A pair of Gold Hoop earrings were made just for you.

What happens if a young introverted girl puts on a pair of gold hoop earrings and becomes a superhero? Gold Children's Book is an ode to celebrating the beauty and discovering ancestral connection as a superpower. This book includes positive affirmations and is the perfect story to read to young girls worldwide.

Gold Dance Film

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About Gold

Why did I make Gold Dance Film? 

For the last three years a lot of my work has been rooted in me processing my identity, my voice, and my dance as a Black Woman in America. This pathway has almost always left me, with little to no room, to explore the depths of my  imagination without considering the reality of the  racism and oppression occurring in America  . After the publicized death of Breonna Taylor  and a host of other things that seemed to target Black women, I wanted to create a narrative where we could be victorious. I wanted to create a fantasy land and I wanted the weapons, the dance, the messagings to be accessible to Black girls.  I need a Black woman superhero to mirror who I am in every day life.

Why now? 

My imagination and creativity are the very things that are saving me right now. Between the global pandemic, racism, and loss of work, I need to see empowering content that not only speaks our imaginations but inspires us to move and to dance-- content that inspires us to move towards action.  I want to tell stories that are imaginative, playful, but exposing the problems we need to fix as a society.

Gold Fundraiser

We need your HELP to make our dream a reality. We are fundraising to turn this dance film into a television series. We have a fundraising goal of $50,000


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